Ticketingsystem, Ticketsoftware, Booking System, Software, databases, PHP scripts

Programs (scripts) will be written specially for your project - see some examples:

  • Real Estate, Car, Ship Markets, ...
  • Car tyre shop, poster shop, music shop, ...
  • CMS - Content Management System - our newest product
  • Dynamic websites (PHP)
  • Onlineshops based on CGI / PHP (database system)
  • Ticketing System - ticket sale - event management
  • Foto galleries - slideshows or thumbnails
  • Booking software for hotels and event halls, tourist information ...
  • Forum, Guestbook, News, Jobmarket, form handling and mailprograms
  • Supportdesks - Online FAQ´s for your products
  • Payment systems (Micropayment)
  • Any database applications and much more solutions. Ask us!

We offer many product for rent - please visit www.addfix.de for further details.