Authorsystems - CMS - Content Management System

We offer partial authorsystems (tools for parts of the website) and a complete Content Management System (this website is created with it).
Functions of our CMS software:

  • Control of the complete layout (frameset, colours, fonts, grafics)
  • Folder based navigation written in PHP (no javascript required!)
  • 4 languages can be administrated (more on request)
  • Metatag Generator
  • Creating cross browser compatible websides
  • Efficient layout patterns - text, text with fotos, marker
  • Fotoside with title, foto gallery, product catalog with foto
  • Integrated modules: calendar, download page, linklist
  • Picture upload with check, thumbnail creator and resize function
  • Form generator and mail program
  • Database backup system
  • Addons - eg.: Shopsystem (CGI / PHP), any database systems, ...

This system is first choice for companies often change the content of their website.
Developement´s base was to get best results at search engines!